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Biblical Wisdom

Wisdom? Not just any kind of wisdom, but Biblical wisdom. Many who attend church don't seem to know what it is. Our popular culture doesn’t even recognize it exists. The education system rarely dispenses this kind of wisdom (in many places it is even illegal to teach Biblical wisdom). The entertainment and news media totally ignores it.

  • How is the next generation going to find this wisdom?
  • How do we obtain this kind of wisdom?
  • Where can it be found?
  • How does it work?
  • What shall we do?

Paul Winslow and friends want to help those who are interested discover what the Bible says about wisdom and how to live life abundantly. Join us by browsing this site. You will find books, study materials, and links to other helpful sites. Visit us often to obtain additional materials.

Available Books

Wisdom's Call

Wisdom's Call - a book by Paul Winslow
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The Lord and the Elders - a hardcopy book
by Paul Winslow & Dorman Followwill.
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The Lord & the Elders

Letters from Our Friends

“Thank you for making your work on Wisdom so readily available. I found your book preparing a lesson for our High School class and material for a Men's retreat. I agree with your assessment that “Godly Wisdom” is in short supply today, even in His church.  May God bless you and your family as you lead others to the source of all “Wisdom and Knowledge”, namely our Lord Jesus Christ. (Col. 2:2&3).” 

Rick Griffith - Tulsa, OK


“I completely enjoyed your book because it is so different than anything else I've found...I have been blessed by your book, and am continually asking God to help me find wisdom. I am convinced His word is true, that if we ask for it, He'll give it. God bless you in your ministry.”

Christopher Tomko - Franklin, TN