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Wisdom's Call Reviews

Here is what men are saying after reading this new book:

“Paul Winslow in Wisdom's Call has brought to the Christian community, and especially to men, a topic from the Scriptures seldom taught or preached, little understood, and much needed. The practical illustrations and applications of wisdom and knowledge in Chapters 9 and 10 (The Blessings of Wisdom and Using Wisdom and Discretion) make the book worth the read. The chapters on how to view assets, time, and wants vs. needs are a classic illustration of applying Biblical wisdom. Very rich indeed!”

Carlos White - pastor and tomato farmer

“Paul Winslow did a masterful job of communicating practical truth about living life wisely in Wisdom’s Call. Every young person you know should read this book.”

Steve Taylor - school teacher

“Wisdom's Call is a wonderful resource for deepening our understanding into God's instruction of wisdom. As a father, the practical illustrations and life applications make it clear to me how essential it is to teach and demonstrate godly wisdom to my kids.”

Travis Campbell - investor

“Wisdom's Call is a wonderful book with a good balance between explaining the Biblical text and practical illustrations.”

Paul Murray - real estate broker

“Exercising wisdom has become a lost art in the church of impulsiveness and trendy-ness. Wisdom's Call is a wonderful "calling" for us to be steeped in the wisdom of the God's Word as He expects us to use His wisdom daily. I've always admired Paul Winslow's gift of godly wisdom. It is well applied in this book.”

Nick Vlesidies - pastor

“I often pray for wisdom and this book helps me see how the Scriptures work in practice.”

Carlos Herrera - plant manager

“I really enjoyed this book – it was very helpful to me.”

Lambert Dolphin - physicist

“Wisdom's Call is a quality read if you choose to contemplate subjects worthy of analysis.”

Russ Mitchell - company president

“Wisdom's Call is a clarion call to men to 'go back to the Book' and learn wisdom from the only true source: our Creator God and His perfect Word of truth.”

Dorman Followwill - executive

“Each day I read a portion of Wisdom's Call and it gives me the insight I need.”

Mark Van Nuys - machine shop owner